The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, February 23, 2004

IT DON�T COME EASY�YOU KNOW IT DON�T COME EA-SAAAAAAY��� I was enjoying all the feel good stories coming out of Pt. St. Lonesome. Senator Al and Titan Tom Glavine in shape and ready to take on the NL. Mike Piazza, healthy and raring to go either at catcher or 1st baseball, doesn�t matter as Mikey says what�s good for the team is good by me. Then Lee Jenkins of NY Times had a piece on the THREE RECLOMATION PROJECTS, Scott Erickson, Ricky Bottalico and James Baldwin. The NY Post with a little blurb that 2nd baseman Victor Diaz, coming off a strong Winter League season, is 20 lbs lighter and getting in some work at 3rd base. That would lead one to believe that Diaz will be given a chance to make the 25 man roster as a backup infielder and a right handed bat off the bench. Then I see Kevin Kernan�s column also in the NY Post on Kaz Matsui and Jose Reyes clicking like Fred and Ginger and all of a sudden I�m envisioning a team that could be much better than most folks think they will be. I start staring at the schedule for the up coming season thinking,�hummm the Phillies May 25 & 26 at Shea, maybe I should get tickets for those games and how about September 10,11 and 12 Mets-Phillies at Shea will those games be B-I-G games?� Then I leaf through NEWSDAY and there it is �SORIANO-REYES DEAL?� Can�t I enjoy one day of Spring Training? Now the whole morning I am tossing this scenario in my head. Soriano-power, speed, All Star-established major leaguer, can�t field for shit. Reyes-potential for power and batting championships, blazing speed, home grown talent, off the charts defense, not yet proven, which way do you go? I�m a fan of Lil� Sori but his World Series failure has made his stock take a bit of a dive. Then add to the fact that he aged 2 years in a matter of months-went from 26 years old to 28 years old-but just thinking of him in the line up of Piazza-Floyd-Soriano has me light headed. But then I look at Reyes and I see Gold Gloves, batting titles, stolen base titles, highlight film plays in the hole, and you know what I get a FRIGGIN� HEADACHE!!!! As I write this My Big Fat Obnoxious Talk Show Host (Mike Francessa) and his sidekick Gilbert Gottfried�err I mean Chris Russo have announced that Sr. Skill Sets has said �On the issue of trading Jose Reyes for Alfonso Soriano NO WAY, JOSE Now WFAN Mets reporter Ed (make mine vanilla) Coleman comes on to talk about what Freddy Skill Sets thinks of these rumors. As Coleman tries to explain to Obnoxious Mike and the Shrieking Russo that the Mets would still listen to a deal for Lil Sori but Reyes would not be in the package, Mike and Chris are shouting incoherently as Coleman tries to make a point on why he would not make the deal. As Coleman tries to explain that he has been wahtching Matsui and Reyes make plays that show him they could be the best DP duo in baseball,. Francessa all but calls him an asshole. This is not an easy call but I have to agree with Freddy Skill Sets. Even though Sori is an All Star, I think the Highlanders would have moved him even if the A-Rod trade did not come up. The Highlanders seemed to have soured on Sori but his digits are still very very enticing. The Mets have a plan in place (are you sick of me writing that phrase yet) and pitching and defense is the benchmark of this plan. From all the early accounts from Pt. St. Lonesome the Matsui-Reyes entry, will something to build on. Plus the strikeout numbers from Sori make me a jumpy. Mike Camereon is a triple digit wiffer as is Wiggy, so to add a third windmill is tough to do. < |