The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL OTHERS MUST HAVE DATA" Rick Peterson And with that quote the Mets have entered the cutting edge of technology. Professor Rick took along 10 of the creme`de la creme` of the Mets pitching prospects" down to the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham Alabama. Arron Heilman, Scott Kazmir, Tyler Yates,the closer of today Brandon Looper and the closer of tomorrow Royce Ring, to name a few were hooked up to electrodes and video imaging to study their pitching mechanics. Mets fans again I can not stress how big the signing of Peterson to the Mets was the BIGGEST off season acquisition. Pitchers do not get injured from throwing 100 pitches or more, it's the mechanics stupid! Peterson with the blessing of Jr. Skill Sets will have a mini-lab at Shea with video and computer equipment that is state of the art. One of the most encouraging views of this trip was form the much maligned Aaron Heilman: ""But is Peterson really the remedy for Heilman, who struggled through 2003 with a 2-7 record and 6.75 E.R.A.? "This won't make me a better pitcher; it will make me a better thrower," Heilman said. "The mental stuff, the pitching, knowing when to throw the right pitch, that's more up to me." Eureka!!! I think we have a breakthrough here! Heilman finally realizes that it's what between his ears that has set him back. I'm not looking to pick on Heilman, in fact I 'm rooting hard for him to beat out all the broken down suitcases that The Duke is bring into camp. (I bet Erickson and Bottalico have handicap plates on their cars.) After reading all the stories about Professor Rick's trip to Birmingham, I may have to re-think my position on where the Amazin's may finish this season. I can not wait for spring training. < |