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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I'm sure all of you fine folks are aware of the Curt Schilling//David Pinto/Sons of Sam Horn controversy. If not, in a nutshell, Schilling loves to post on the SOSH message board and in a recent posting he took on Rob Neyer and his baseball through statistics look of baseball. David Pinto, who is not just a great blogger but a gifted writer and a man who was a great help to me when I was launching this site almost 1 year ago, quoted Schilling from that board and Schilling got his onions in a uproar over it. Schilling claims that what he posts on SOSH are "off the record" quotes. Schilling is either very naive or an idiot. Schilling then had the stones to question David's integrity. Well this set off an eruption led by the Will Carrol of Baseball Prospectus and his own blog. What I'm posting here is an e-mail that I sent to Will in response to his letter sent to myself and other baseball bloggers" From what I can see with the Schiling/Pinto/SOSH mess, count me in on your suggestion to band together as a IBBWA. Schilling has a lot to learn about posting in public forums. He also needs to learn that it's not all about him. I remember Michael Kay the Yankee announcer saying on his radio show during the post season that Schilling was to do color commentary on the ALCS. When he insisted on having access to a private jet, the FOX brass told take care, don't let the door hit you. The boys at the SOSH have to get a grip as well. They have this Sally Field (he likes us, he really likes us!) infatuation with Schilling. Are we (bloggers) writing honest opinion of the teams we root for or do we want to be jock sniffers? Let SOSH give out passwords to their members and let them have their own little circle jerk with Schilling. To question the integrity of David Pinto is ludicrous. There is no more stand up guy around than David. He runs the best site on baseball there is. Take care Will, sign me up and I'm waiting on delivery of STP. All the Best Steve Keane The Eddie Kranepool Society < |