The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 15, 2004

IF THERE IS ANYTHING I HATE MORE THAN BLOW HARD HIGHLANDER FANS, IT'S WHINING METS FANS Please if your the type of so-called Mets fan that is stamping your feet over A-Rod going to the Evil Empire and your rehashing the Rodriguez to the Mets and your getting your boxers in a bunch and crying "I'm not going any games at Shea WAHHHH!!!!, WAHHHHH! WAHHHHH!, then go buy a little Highlanders cap and a pennant and NEVER COME TO THIS SITE AGAIN! Do the Skill Sets piss me off? YES. Do I think the expiration date on Artie from Queens has passed? YES Will I ever stop going to Shea Stadium and ever not root for the Mets to win? NEVER IN A MILLION F"IN YEARS. Stop worrying about what the Evil Empire is doing. That's one of the characteristics I like about The Duke. He doesn't give a rats ass what the Highlanders are doing. They are not our competition. He has tried to get that message through to Freddy and Jr. Skill Sets, "forget about winning the backpage of the newspaper and lets' win the NL East" is what The Duke has told them. He knows the keeping up the Georgie Porgies' is counterproductive. Leave that up to the Olde Town Team to deal with. One thing on the A-Rod, he is not the key to the Yankee season. The key is Kevin Brown staying healthy and the ability of Jose Contreas and John Lieber to be productive in the 4 and 5 slots. Add in the health of Mariano Rivera and Flash Gordon in the pen, that will be the difference between winning a World Series and coming up short again. < |