The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

HEY, JOEL: F YOU! I figured all the papers today would be wall-to-wall A-Rod and the NY fish wraps did not disappoint. But, just when I thought I�d seen it all, I read Joel Sherman�s column in today�s NY Post. If I were the editor of the Post, after reading Sherman�s column today I�d demand he be drug tested. It�s bad enough that he was given the assignment to write the obligatory �Mets Suck� column for the Post (that job at the Times goes to Murray Chass, Fillip Bondy does the honors at the Daily News, John Heyman holds that position for Newsday, and Bob Klapish takes care of anti-Metsism in suburbia for the Bergen Record) Sherman starts off with telling the Mets to go after Alfonso Sorriano and put him in RF. Which of course makes perfect sense, since Soriano has never played the OF before (PUUULEEZE) then came the part that had me scream WTF? out loud on a Queens bound R train this morning: �Mets GM Jim Duquette needs to be on the phone with counterpart John Hart today to say native Texan Scott Kazmir is available. The lefty is viewed among the major�s 20 best prospects. It�s a great start of a trade. Throw in Aaron Heilman and Royce Ring and it�s darn attractive� WHEW!!!!! Read that paragraph again and tell me that Sherman has not become the Jerome form Manhattan of print media. Hey, why not include Jose Reyes and Lastings Milledge as well. What makes it worse is that I always enjoy reading Sherman�s columns but now I have to read him with a jaded eye. Here�s a bulletin for the Joel Sherman�s of the world, The Duke has a plan and it may take 2 season for it to take fruition and Scott Kazmir is a major part of the plan. Here is more manure from Sherman, who must have been listing to �Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds� while writing this: �Would Kazmir be tough to lose? Of course. But he is 20 and pitched in A ball last year. He has a questionable makeup, according to an executive from another team, and the kind of delivery that raises worry about injury. �High risk, great reward� the executive said.� First off the �nameless executive� seems to have a bad case of the sour grapes. Where was it ever reported that Kazmir had a �questionable� makeup? Remember, the teams that drafted ahead of the Mets bypassed Kazmir because they were afraid of his signing demands. So the Mets ignored that and picked him and signed him quickly and got his career started on the fast track. But because the Mets made a move that was positive it was glossed over. Second, has Sherman heard about the Mets signing Rick Peterson as their pitching coach? Does he read his own newspaper, where colleague Kevin Kiernan did a piece on Professor Rick taking the Mets top pitching prospect to ASMI for a complete evaluation? As we all know Professor Rick�s philosophy is �Pre-Hab instead of Re-Hab� As I�ve said, there are a plethora of events that Mets management have done that have set my blood pressure to 200 but when you read columns like Joel Sherman�s it makes you appreciate the baseball bloggers who are out there. George Vecsey has aterrific column today on Lawrence Ritter and of the monthly luncheons he presided over with some of the great baseball writers in NYC. I know a few members of The New York Giants Historical Society attended these monthly gatherings as Ritter was a great NY Giants fan and latter gravitated toward the Mets. But if it weren�t for Evelyn Bagley there would not have been these terrific get togethers. Ms. Bagley is a major force in SABR and in the Casey Stengel Chapter of NYC. She was able to turn Ritter away from his recluse lifestyle to meet with the members of the NY baseball community. < |