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Thursday, February 26, 2004

�..SO MY THERAPIST SAID I MUST CONFRONT MY FEARS� So it seems that Artie from Queens had lots of time on his hands yesterday as the skies opened up at Pt. St. Lonesome as he named Titan Tommy Glavine the Mets Opening Day starter. Hopefully, Titan Tommy has gotten over his fear of his former team as the Mets open the 2004 season at The Field Named After an Eccentric Yachtsman. You have to figure he cannot do any worse than he did last year. TT was just dreadful last year, but he was particularly awful against the Bravos. He was 0-4 with a 10.35 ERA that includes going 0-2 15.26 ERA at the Ted. It would have been worse but TT said �no mas� when his number came up during the Mets last trip to �Hotlanta. I guess knowing that Gary Sheffield, Javy Lopez and Vinny Castila are employed elsewhere have help Titan Tommy overcome his fears. �IT�S FUN TO STAY AT THE Y.M.C.A� �EAST IS EAST AND WEST IS WEST BUT THE CENTRAL DIVSIONS ARE NOT AS GOOD� Mark Hale has and interesting piece in today�s NY Post on collective record of the 6 divisions of MLB. Here is the breakdown� NL EAST 427-382 .528 AL WEST 337-311 .520 AL EAST 416-394 .514 NL WEST 407-402 .503 NL CENT 472-500 .486 AL CENT 370-440 .457 Another interesting fact in the story is from the Elias Sports Bureau which came up with the stat that no divison since division play began in 1969 have had all of it�s teams finish above the .500 mark. The closest any division has come to do this was the 1991 AL West when Angels came up a game short by finishing 81-81. You�d have to expect the AL East to be the best division in baseball this year with the improvement of the Blue Jays, Orioles and D-Rays. �IS TURK WENDELL A PLAYA HATA OR IS BARRY BONDS JUST A HATED PLAYER?� Circle these dates on your calendar baseball fans, May 28, 29, and 30 Rockies at Giants at SBC Park. It was not just Wendell but also Denny Neagle tossed a grenade toward Jason Giambi stating, �I don�t know what Giambi looked like in his early days but I know he wasn�t as big as he is now�. But it was Turk who came out swing against Bonds: �If my personal trainer, me, Turk Wendell, got indicted for that, there�s no one in the world who wouldn�t think I was taking steroids. I mean, what, because he�s Barry Bonds, no one�s going to say that? I mean obviously he did it� Wendell just said what everyone has thought but I guess maybe the threat of a slander suit has kept that quiet. One thing here, Bonds has made his own licensing deal which means he has divorced himself form the MLBPA�s agreement where by all the money from licensed merchandise is spilt amongst the players. So I�m sure his fellow players are not very happy with Bonds and that may explain the silence coming form the two-headed monster known as Fehr-Orza. On the other hand, NEWSDAY columnist Jon Heyman challenged Gary Sheffield to give a urine sample in a �pee cup� and have it tested for steroids. In fact, Sheff had agreed to go with Heyman to a lab in Tampa but they found out that a note signed by a doctor was needed to go ahead with the test. So they decided to do it the next day. Well it seems Fehr-Orza found out about this break in the ranks and pulled a little intimidation on Sheffield ala the juror in Uncle Juniors racketeering trial. In fact when Heyman came to Sheffield�s locker the next morning, Sheff was hardly cordial. He told Heyman if he did not leave and drop this whole testing thing he would not talk to him the rest of the season. What ya gonna do when Fehr-Orza comes after you? �METS WILL DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT WITH GRASS THIS YEAR� No, Grant Roberts has nothing to do with this story. The Mets have decided to buzz cut the outfield grass after the players have complained about the grass holding back hits into the gap. Also, the outfielders say it�s easier to play the carom off the LF and RF walls as the ball picks up speed on the short lawn. It seems as well that the pride of Co. Roscommon, Ireland Pete Flynn will be replaced. �CALL KOFI ANNAN METS DROP ITALIANS, GERMANS, AND POLISH� While perusing the Mets schedule, I noticed that during International Week at Shea the Mets have dropped Italian, German and Polish Nights. When you operate in a city with the diverse population like NYC, you could honor a different group every game, and I would have absolutely no problem with that. But, what did the Italians, Germans and Polish do that got them bounced form the International Week? < |