The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, February 14, 2004

ATTENTION FELLOW EVIL EMPIRE HATERS: FOLLOW ME TO THE VOMITORIUM Looks like they've done it again. John Heyman and Ken Davidoff are reporting in NEWSDAY that the Texas Rangers and New York Highlanders have agreed in principal to a deal that would send Alex Rodriguez to NY for Alfonso Soriano and a minor league pitcher to be named. There also seems to be some money issues to work out before the deal can be officially announced. It's crazy to say but this is great deal for both teams. The Rangers get out of the ridiculous contract of A-Rods and now John Hart and Buck Showalter can concentrated on getting some badly need pitching. The Evil Empire gets to stick it up the Olde Town Team's wazoo again. The Highlanders and the Red Sox are the baseball equivalent to the Road Runner and Wily Coyote. Every time the Sox think they have made progress "KABOOOOM" their plans blow up in their faces. Young Theo, trashed his hotel room when he was beaten to the punch for Jose Contreas, I think tonight someone may have to hide his belt and shoe laces. More on this story tomorrow. < |