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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

As we move away from Janet Jackson and her right boob, all is quiet on Mets front. There are a couple of baseball items that are worth commenting on. PUDGE GOES FROM FIRST TO WORST When is enough money, enough money? The Marlins offered I-Rod 3 years/$24 mil. From the quotes I�ve read Rodriquez was insulted by the offer. Little Caesar (Tigers owner Mike Illich) made Pudge an offer he couldn�t refuse, 4yr/$40 mil. But the odd part of the contract is, the terms are similar to what the Mets had offered to Vlady Guerrero. Pudge has a congenital back injury. If he goes on the DL for 35 days or more due to the back injury in 2004 or 2005, the Tigers can void his contract and pay off Rodriguez with a $5mil buyout. When asked why he went for the bucks of Little Caesar over signing with the defending World Champions, Pudge said: �The owner showed me respect, and that�s the reason I�m here� Translation: Illich gave me more money. The Tigers have not had a winning record in 13 seasons. The odds are very good that they will make it 14 seasons after the �04 season. To me it�s just like Monopoly money, $8mil, $10 mil, what the hell. But, if I was able to play in the city where I live and I love to be and I�m coming off one of the most improbable World Series Championship why would I leave? Does Pudge lead such a lavish lifestyle that $8mil a year guaranteed for the next 3 years is not sufficient enough? It�s not like the team your going to is going to contend anytime soon, your also going to a home park in Comerica, that has drove hitters to tears. All for a couple of million a year? I�m sure that Pudge could have made up the difference in money with endorsement deals in South Florida. I can�t see any of those deals in the Motor City. DREW HENSON CALLS AN AUDIBLE AND GOES TO THE NFL The fallout from Henson�s baseball career goes beyond the wasted money given him. Yankee Senior Vice President of Operations, Mark Newman was the man who pushed for Henson�s signing. Georgie Porgie would rip Newman a new one on a regular basis over Henson�s failure to make progress. Then Columbus manager and new Yankee 3rd base coach Bucky Dent, wanted to stick Henson in the OF to hide his deficiencies. That led to Yankee exec Gordon Blakely and Columbus hitting coach Sal Rende to clash with Dent and caused much dissension among the Tampa section of the Yankee hierarchy and the Bronx satellite office. Henson will forfeit the remaining $12 mil on his contract (which he will make up about 5 fold when he signs an NFL contract) but gets to keep the $5mil or so of Georgie Porgies Highlander booty for kicking around the bushes for the past 6 seasons. < |