The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, February 20, 2004

AHHHHHH SPRING WHEN A YOUNG MAN'S FANCY TURNS TO PITCHERS AND CATCHERS. There is nothing that warms me more than the byline in the papers from Port St. Lonesome. That plus the fact that individual game tickets go on sale Sunday at Shea. In the past I've made the trek to the Flushing Projects for my tickets but last year I decided to make my ticket purchase from the comfort of the Kranepool Society headquarters. The biggest problem with that method was, the server was jammed by people with the same idea. Maybe this Sunday it will be different, between the fact that the Mets are hooked to a better high speed server and that all the crybaby wussies who have vowed to never set foot in Skill Sets Stadium ever again, they will be enough tickets for us die hards to scoop up. The one thing that could get to go to Shea on Sunday is, that my Lord and Savior Eddie Kranepool will be in attendance signing autographs. That and the free Dunkin' Dounuts. HERE IS SOMETHING WE HAVE NOT SEEN IN A WHILE, AN A-ROD STORY! The Stepford reporters really need to be re-programmed. Instead of asking about the bullpen competition or the need to acquire another infielder to come off the bench or if Artie from Queens remembers what he ate for lunch today, they have more A-Rod questions. Hopefully Jr. Skill Sets (who is IN CHARGE) set then straight with this quote: "I don't think A-Rod wanted to come here," Wilpon said as he hopelessly tried to steer the conversation to the renaming of the Mets' spring-training stadium, Tradition Field. "... The reports we had were that he wanted to go to the Yankees or the Red Sox and that was it. Those are the only two teams they (the Rangers) were authorized to talk to. That's what we know." I give Jr and The Duke credit for one thing, they have much more patience than I would with media. If I were in their shoes, I would tell them "If I get one more A-Rod question I going to lock all of you in the clubhouse with a naked Jay Horowitz ". That'll stop em' TIME TO END THE TIMO PEREZ ERA A report in today's NY Daily News, says The Duke will not release Roger Cedeno and eat the $10 mil on the remaining two years of his contract. If they could find a trading partner, I'm sure the Mets would swap Cedeno for a couple of jock straps, if they would take his contract as is. But in the economic climate that baseball is in these days, I don't see that happening. So it looks like Timo Perez will be either given his walking papers or trade. I was never a Timo fan. I always felt he was mentally challenged when it came to baseball sense and his inability to hit lefties make him a liability. I guess ole Jolly Roger will be a very expensive bench player this season. < |