The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

"YESTERDAY I WAS LYING, TODAY, I'M TELLING THE TRUTH" That great quote came from Boxing promoter Bob Arum. It could have also come for The Duke, as it seems he was "less than truthful" about the medical information the team had on Vladimir Gurerreo. The Mets team doctors, Dr Andrew Rokito and his staff, were never privy to any doctors reports on Guerrero's disk problems as the Mets stated. This from The Duke: "To my misunderstanding, we did not have a look at any reports or documents or anything like that," Duquette said in a telephone interview last night. He said the evaluation of the Mets' doctor, Andrew Rokito, was based on "conversations with the doctor, what was common knowledge in the newspapers, whatever kind of information we could find out about the injury." "But the doctors did not review any medical reports," he said. "If I said that, I misspoke." Why is it the Mets always look like rank amateurs when there is a high stakes negotiation. How the hell did Freddy Skill Sets ever make any money in the real estate business? You get the feeling that agents like Scott Boras and Arn Tellem have to stop from laughing in the Mets faces when they deal with them. < |