The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, January 11, 2004

VLADY WE HARDLY KNEW YE If you came here to see if I'm going to rant and rave about Guerrero going to the Angels, you may be disappointed. Am I pissed off that Vlady did not sign here? You bet. Have I been looking at my bracelet that has "W.W.D.D." on it (What Would Doubbleday Do) very much so. But the more I look at it and the more I read about it, all Guerrero had to do with the Mets was show up to play at a very attainable 400 PA to collect $71 mil. The Mets also would let him go free at the end of 3 yrs. So if Vlady takes the Mets offer the worst he could do is make $30 mil. But Arturo Moreno the new owner of the Anaheim Angles is trying to make a big splash with his team. Moreno has made a foutune in advertising. I believe his specialty is the outdoor billboards you see along the highway. He became a fan favorite last year by lowering the beer prices at the Ball Park formerly know as Edison Field. Moreno jumped in at the last minute, which is what I thought the Mets would do, and said "Not only will I give you 5 years at $70 mil, I'll guarantee the money. Music to Arn Tellem's ears, as he had taken over the negotiations from the very overmatched Fern Cuza. So in essence, Vlady lost $5 mil because he could have stayed with the Expos for $75 mil but turned it down. Well, anyway it looks as if the Mets were extremely concerned about the disk problem that Guerrero has because as a pre excising condition it was uninsurable. I bet after writing the check for MoO Vaughn, whoever the insurance company is won't want to write a policy for a Mets player for a long time. According to the story in today's Newsday, the Mets were given permission to view Guerrero's medical charts and the Mets doctors felt that with his back condition it would be a risk. So the team came up with a creative way to share the risk. Now if your Vlady do you risk $41mil or do you go for the sure thing and take a guarantee $70 mil? Again the late great George Young's quote comes back again and again "When they say it's not about the money, it's about the money". What I'm mad about is, why get in this to begin with? Why tease your fan base that has eaten a lot of shit the past few years. If Wilpon game out and said "We are not going to get involved with the courtship of Vladimr Guerrero, due to the fact we have a plan that involves building our organization on pitching and defense. We want to promote our young players in our farm system and we as an organization feel we are on the right track. We've been hurt by big signings before and we plan to use free agency to plug holes and not to collect talent" I would have said Bravo Freddy. But no, you had to come over and kiss my neck and rub my thigh and get me all hot and bothered. Then when I'm ready to "reach my peak" you say not tonight big boy. That's what pisses me off. I'm not going to boycott going to Shea. I'm not going to stop watching the Mets and I sure as shit won't stop rooting my ass of for this team but I'm a little hurt today. I kind of understand why you did what you did Fred, but did you have to lead me and my fellow Mets fans along like this. Be prepared Mets fans for the backlash from the Mets haters from the media (Bill Madden, Larry Rocca, Michael Kay, Mike Francessa, Chris Russo, Joel Sherman to name a few) and from your friends and family members who love to see the Mets fail. This is going to be a tough week. So let's see what happens. If Guerrero plays 5 seasons a produces as he has in the past, then Freddy Skill sets will never live this down. If Guerrero breakdown and the Mets get back on the winning track then he's a hero. < |