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Friday, January 09, 2004

VLADY, VLADY, EVERYWHERE AND NOT A DROP TO DRINK I hustled back from lunch today to make sure I was listing to the radio at 1:05 PM for the start of the Mike and The Mad Dog Show on WFAN. Now, I don't usually run back from lunch and especially to hear the beginning of a radio show that's 5 hours long, but I felt there would be some news on the Vlady front with Mike and Chris. I 've taken these guys to task plenty of times here but as nasty and obnoxious as Francessa can be, he can get the 411 on a situation better than anyone in this city. He did not fail to produce today. According to Francessa's sources, the Mets have offered Vladimir Guerrero a guaranteed 3 yrs/$30mil. With very attainable provisions in the deal (400 PA per season) the deal could go to over $40 mil. They have also added a 3 year option that Vlady could trigger or he could opt for free agency after the 3 yrs. Again PA's will determine if the Mets want to extend the contract. So in effect what the Mets are saying to Guerrero and his agent, We can not insure Vlady for a pre exsisting condition (his vertebra trouble) so if his back goes, we're sunk. But we will give him $40 mil and he's gives us options on 3 other years. What is most encouraging about this negotiation is Guerrero's people let the Mets talk to Vlady's orthopedic doctor in Miami (his name escapes me but Francessa did mention it and said he works on the Miami Project which involves Nick Bunocontti's son who is paralyzed) and he said he does have a problem with the vertebrae but he does his exercises and was a model patient. The doctor could not guarantee that the back would stay 100 %. So the Mets do have some risk here. But as I have stated about 1,000 time here this guy is worth the risk. Now it seems the O's are telling Vlady to shit or get off the pot. They are ready to make an offer to Pudge Rodriguez to sign with Baltimore and split time behind the plate with Javy Lopez and to DH. This way both bats can stay in the line up. The report also says the Orioles would then save their dough for next off season and try and sign Magglio Ordonez and Adrian Beltre as free agents. Stay tuned! < |