The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

THE VLADY SWEEPSTAKES HEAT UP. First off here's a little news flash for Vlady and his agent Fern Cuza, (Fern Cuza...humm he sounds like one of the villains from the TV show Hawaii Five-O) 8 years for $145 mil is so 90's. That ship has sailed my friend. Please see Alex Rodriguez to the Red Sox on that one. The Orioles offer is now at 5/$65 mil. The Mets have shown interest but not at 5/$65 mil. The Duke has not mentioned money but he has said the Mets will not go for more than 3 yrs. Well I have a bit of a proposal. How about 4 yrs/$60 mil with a bunch of incentives that could bring the monetary part up to between $75 and $80mil. Instead of one Dominican Night at Shea, have 4 games as Dominican Day or Nights. With Vlady getting a percentage of the gate over say 30,000 paid admissions. Hold a Vladimir Guererro bobblehead night, with Vlady again getting a part of the gate. Allow Guererro to use the Mets logo and uniform in endorsement deals, same as the Red Sox had promised A-Rod. Look, it's quite obvious Vlady is in no rush to sign with Baltimore. His heart wants South Florida, and the Art Dealer may just be able to sell enough of those "Dogs Playing Poker" velvet paintings that Floridians just love, to entice Vlady to sign. I am very interested in how The Duke plays this hand. I just hope Sr.Skill Sets and Little Jeffy don't F in up for him. < |