The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, January 02, 2004

SOME NEWS ON THE VLADY FRONT. Tracy Ringolsby had a couple of items in his weekly baseball notes column on Vlady. It seems the Orioles are trying very hard to close the deal with Guerrero but it seems his heart is with the Fish. South Florida seems to be the destination of choice for Vlady. The Marlins seem to be checking the seat cushions for coins to make an offer. Here are two quotes from Ringolsby's notes: "Florida has been low-keying its interest in outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, waiting to step in if Guerrero's talks with Baltimore fall apart." - "Baltimore is serious enough about signing outfielder Vladimir Guerrero that Orioles vice president of baseball operations Mike Flanagan ended his holiday vacation after one day to return to Baltimore and continue negotiations." The guy is ripe for the picking. Please Sr. Skill Sets, let The Duke make an offer. < |