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Saturday, January 10, 2004

So it's halftime of the Panthers-Rams (Rams should be ahead 21-0, the Panthers have been called for the dumbest penalities in football history, and there are so many commercials I'm losing interset) and I check the web on the Guererro situation and I see this in the NY Times by Rafel Hermoso: Guerrero Is Said to Spurn $30 Million Offer by Mets There is so much bullshit being thrown about in the media on this issue that I don't know who or what to believe anymore. Here's more: "One of the people said Guerrero would never accept the Mets' offer and termed them "never a serious player" in the negotiations. Although the Mets have offered a significant amount of money and additional years in the form of vesting options, Guerrero's representatives are primarily weighing the guaranteed money between the teams' offers" WTF? When is a New York team NOT a serious player? That's why I have a tough time taking this story as truth (it's is the Times you know) The Vlady camp had only one real player in the O's, so why not add more teams to raise the stakes and especially the Mets? "The Mets, meanwhile, were silent yesterday, waiting for a response from Guerrero's agents that may never come. One baseball person said Guerrero's representatives never responded to the Mets' offer, nor did they have plans to." "There's no way this is going to happen with the Mets," the person said. Who is this person? How could you call yourself an agent is you don't get the Mets, Yankees or Red Sox involved in the bidding for your client? "Asked if Guerrero would reconsider in the unlikely event the Mets increased the amount of guaranteed money or the length of the contract, the person said, "It's too little, too late when they actually got involved." You can't make this shit up. So if the Mets come back and say "OK will take the gamble and guarantee the 5yrs/$72mil, Gurerreo and Cuza are going to say "oh sorry your too late, we're going to Florida for 1yr/14 mil? Get the F outta here! "Although Guerrero has received only two official offers by fax, from the Mets and the Orioles, he was said to be negotiating with a third team yesterday. Florida, which had considered pursuing Guerrero, and Detroit, with money to spend, had not made offers. Los Angeles had shown interest, and Dodgers right fielder, Shawn Green, begin working out at first base on Friday." The Marlins have no future without a new ballpark. The Tigers are well..... they had to rally not match the 1962 Mets record of 40-120, 'nuff said. The Dodgers are in the middle of a change of ownership but the do have the cash and the cache to lure Vlady. But to say the Mets have gotten into the game too late, PLEASE! < |