The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

SHANE COME BACK.......SSSSHHHHHAAAANNNNEEEE According to Newsday, Shane Spencer will be signed by the Mets to a minor league deal and added to the Right Field American Idol like- compettiton this spring. (Can't you just see Simon Cowell watching Roger Cedeno play defense, "Roger,that was bloody awful, please leave NOW!) Spies for the Kranepool Society have spotted Cedeno at The Queens Office for Consumer Affairs applying for a barbers license, also spotted in the Forest Hills Barnes and Noble was Timo Perez buying the book Dominos for Dummies. I guess with all the free time both guys will have this summer it makes sense. The Spencer/Garcia platoon could be very productive for the Mets. No question it's a definite upgrade defensively. Garcia against RHP is .291/.335/.476 and Spencer is .277/.335/.446. Not earth shattering but an upgrade still the same. The dark horse here is Raul Gonzalez (click on the Raindrops link and read about him) although he dogged it a bit last season toward the end when he did not run for a ball in the OF, if given a chance he could be a very productive member of the "Patch Work Gang". Gonzalez had shown some life at AAA with OBP of .374 and .421 with Louisville. It will be up to him to prove that he's not a AAAA player this spring. Spring ahhhhhh Spring I just busted my back shovling over 8 inches of snow form my driveway and front walk. The whole time I'm outside and shoveling I went into deep mediation using the mantra "pitchers and catchers" "pitchers and catchers" It's only January but I'm sick and tired of the winter. I think Friday I'm going to stop by Shea just to see if the Truck is ready to go for Port St. Lucie. Since I was a kid, I'd always look for that picture in the paper of the equipment manger loading the truck for spring training. It's better than waiting for a rodent to see his shadow. The NFL gets a free pass from the main stream media while they love to beat the shit out of baseball. I love football and I love NFL football but the Super Bowl and all that leads up to it is total shlock. Super Bowl week is the plastic slipcovers on funriture of sports. It's all about excess. So much food and booze and bimbos and dim witted pop stars, UGH it's really awful. That ridiculous halftime show and all the crap of the pre game and the TV ads it takes away from the game. It's like the game and the players and coaches are in the way of this exhibition of bad taste. As sports championships go this game ranks near the bottom. Baseball, basketball and hockey have the best championships and playoffs because of the 7 game series. It's like reading a great mystery, chapter after chapter holds your attention. The Super Bowl is more like The Star or the Enquirer something to read in the bathroom. < |