The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, January 05, 2004

RECAP OF WILD CARD WEEKEND RAVENS +1 over Titans Titans 20 Ravens 17 WHEW! Is it safe to come out? WOW 1-3 this weekend. I�m bloodied but unbowed. Lets go with the post mortem. Eddie George and Steve McNair played a game on Saturday that was for the ages. Forget the stat sheet, they played a throwback game. Eddie George dislocated his shoulder and had the training staff put it back in the socket and harness it up. George came back in the second half and gained 88 of the most clutch rushing yards you have ever seen. McNair had some ugly digits-14-23 159 yards 3 INT�s 1TD-but he gutted out the game on a bum ankle and with bone spurs in his foot. The Titans, number 1 defense against the run, held Ravens Jamal Lewis to a measly 35 yds rushing and 4 yds receiving. The game plan for Tennessee was make Anthony Wright beat us, which he couldn�t do. Cowboys +3 over PANTHERS Panthers 29 Cowboys 10 When Cowboys coach Bill Parcels got to his seat on the charter flight back home to Dallas, I�m sure he took out a notebook and a pen and wrote down �call the agents for Mark Brunell and Kurt Warner ASAP�. Panther head man John Fox had it right, stop the run and lets see what Quincy Carter has. After watching this game, I was amazed with the job Parcells did with the Cowpokes. He really did more with less. It could be his best coaching job. He needs a RB and a QB stat, and knowing the Tuna he will get �his guys for next year�. Hats off to Jake Delhomme who had a great game in the national spotlight. PACKERS -7 over Seahawks Packers 33 Seahawks 27 (OT) Seahawks called heads��heads it is�.Matt Hasselbeck: �We want the ball and we�re going to score�. That quote will go down in history just like � All clear General Custer, not an Indian in site�. Talk about something coming back and biting you in the ass. When Packers DB Al Harris picked off Hasselbeck�s pass and flew down the sideline 52 yds for the game winning TD, you would have sworn Harris was in the Seahawk huddle he read the play so well. When the Pack drove down in the latter half of the 1st quarter and just manhandled the Seahawk interior D, topped off by Ahman Green�s 1 yd TD run, I thought I was home free. But give Hasselbeck credit. He drove the Seahawks 67 yards to set up Shaun Alexander�s 1 yd TD plunge and Josh Browns extra point deadlocked the game at 27-27. The Cinderella story in the land of the frozen tundra continues. COLTS -3 over Broncos Finally I hit one right! Payton Manning was armed and ready with an industrial sized can of Whoop-Ass for the Shanahanns. After the game, the phone rang in the Broncos locker room. It was Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Funny Cide. He wanted to welcome the Broncos to the �De-Nutted Club�. I�m starting to think the bloom is off Mike Shanahans� rose. This was embarrassing. Give kudos to Tony Dungy and his staff for being armed and ready for this one. But the major hosannas go to Payton Manning for one of the great performances in NFL history. 22-26 377 yds 0 INT�s 5 TD�s and a 158-2 QB rating which is a perfect score. Have a game like that in the Super Bowl, and go straight to Canton. < |