The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, January 23, 2004

PETE ROSE:HOW MUCH DO WANT TO BET THAT I DON'T HAVE GAMBLING PROBLEM. I went out for lunch one day last week and wandered over to the Barnes & Noble in Forest Hills. Against my better judgment, I saw the book Pete Rose: My Prison Without Bars and bought it. First off, the book breaks the Guniness Book of World Records for the most times the use of the word "reckon" in print. The previous record was held by Jethroe Bodine in The Jethroe Bodine Story "I RECKON I"M A HILLBILLY". I don't know whether to feel sorry for Rose or just chuckle that he is so socially and mentally deficient. After 14 years and a through investigation, Rose decides it's time to say "Yep, I bet on baseball" and we are all supposed to say, "It's OK Pete, proceed to the Hall of Fame". On the day that Rose was suspended, he went on the Home Shopping Club to hawk his chotskies. According to Rose, this deal was made months ago and he could not get out it. Yeah right Pete,try again. Then Pete is pissed off because the Feds had the onions to put him in prison for tax evadtion. The government has some nerve, enforcing the law on the great Pete Rose. And that's Rose's biggest problem, he thinks that being Pete Rose puts you above the law of the land and the law of baseball. Rose claims that he should have never got involved with guys like Tommy Giosa and Paul Janzens and Rich Peters, who Rose knew for about 3 months and had them placing his bets and is shocked...SHOCKED that these three guys flip on Rose and give baseball all the info the need to put Rose out of baseball. So what does Rose do while incarcerated? He hooks up with three rouge cops who are doing a 20 year stretch for dealing in drugs. Rose then tells us what swell guys they are. Sure, Pete cops on the take are the salt of the earth. So now Rose wants back in baseball. Even an idiot like Alan H. Selig wouldn't let this cretin back in the game. Rose talks of his meeting with Selig in 2002. Rose tries to joke about not knowing if Milwaukee had telephones since Selig never returned his calls. That's great Pete make fun of the guy's, who has your fate is in his hands, hometown. Even staunch Rose supporter Mike Schmidt realizes this is a lost cause. Now the news today that Rose will be at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to sign copies of his book for 500 high rollers. This should go over real well with Alan H. Selig and Bob DuPay who hold Rose's baseball future in his hand. Like I say, you want to laugh and mock Rose for being an idiot, but you feel bad because he seems to be mentally challenged. < |