The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, January 24, 2004

NO RICK REED, NO BIG DEAL......... It seems the Mets have taken a pass on the services of Rick Reed and Reed's agent took the news very very hard. Phil Tannenbaum, Reeds agent, claims The Duke never returned his phone calls. Instead of The Duke passed the handling of the negotiation for the has-been right hander, to his interim Asst GM Graig Marino. This apparently pissed off Mr. Tannenbaum, who then went into a Rupert Pupkin type tirade: "The Mets were Rick's first choice but it seems Mr. Duquette was too busy to get back to us," Tannenbaum said. "If that's the way he's going to do business, it's going to be reflected in wins and losses." Tannenbaum, in full rant, went on. "I'm sure if I called Mr. (Fred) Wilpon or his son I would have received a call back," he said. "Maybe that's what I should have done." I hate to tell you this Mr. Tanenbaum, but if you called my house I think I'd let my 4 year old daughter handle the call. What happened here was Reed wanted to be a Met something awful and his agent could not deliver him. Plus the Mets wised up and said, why bring in a guy you most likely can't make the team, let's see what the young guys have. This compettion should show the Mets and the fans what we have and what we don't, when it comes to young pitching. Oh by the way, Reed should sign with the Pirates sometime this weekend. It seems Bucs GM Dave Littlefield answers his own phone. < |