The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, January 02, 2004

NFL WILD CARD WEEKEND PICKS RAVENS +1 over Titans This game opened with the Ravens as 1 � point favorite. So the betting public has swung this line the other way. Most of it is the �McNair Factor�. I love McNair but I can�t get hearing Ray Lewis screaming �WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE� out of my head. The major key to this game is running the football. You have Jamal Lewis with his 2066 yards against the number 1 rushing defense in football in the Titans D. The Ravens have to play from ahead in this game, as they have no chance of QB Anthony Wright passing them to victory. Another aspect of this game is it reunites two bitter rivals from the AFC Central days. The Ravens by the way, have won the last 3 meetings between these teams. Cowboys +3 over PANTHERS Unlike in the regular season I�m goin� to the dogs in the first two games of the weekend. This will be a very very close game. It has all the makings of a classic 7-3 game. Both teams love to grind it out and both defenses are top flight. The Cowpoke D has allowed less than 90 yards rushing on the season and 164 yards via the air, to earn the ranking of number 1 defense in the NFL. The Panthers are no slouches on D either, but I just think the Tuna will have his guys stoked for this game. PACKERS -7 over Seahawks This one will be the weekend blowout game. The Seahags are just an awful road team, going a feeble 2-6 away from home this past season. Even though the Pack is just a pretty good 5-3, I can�t see Holmgren�s Heroes taking this one. With a banged up D line for Seattle, and the weather always a factor in Green Bay, look for a big day out of Ahmed Green. �Who�d a thunk it,� the Pack�s playoff hopes were hanging by a thread, when the Purple Gang imploded in the desert. Now they should move on to the next round. Divine intervention? COLTS -3 over Broncos Didn�t we just see this game? Yep, in week 16 and the Bronc�s beat the onions off Indy in Indy 31-17. So why do I like the Colts? Peyton Manning is why. He has to finally win a playoff game. The Dungy�s have to come back with vengeance in this game. How the hell can you lose to a team with Jake Plummer at QB? Sure the Broncos won without Clinton Portis and Portis will play in this game but how healthy is he? If the Colts don�t come out and but the boots to the Broncos mid section, ala the WWE Superstars, then Bobby Irsay should add Tony Dungy to the unemployment list. Yeah, Yeah, I know he such a nice guy. We all know what Leo Durocher said about nice guys. < |