The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, January 12, 2004

NFL DIVSIONAL PLAYOFFS RE-CAP Panthers +7 over RAMS Panthers 29 Rams 23 The Rams could have busted this open early. The Martz�s had the ball on the Foxy 3 yard line, 9 yard line and the 7 yard line and settled for field goals each time. It never fails, when you let your opponent in the game early and allow them to dodge a bullet, that bullet hit�s you in the ass. So instead of leading 21-10 at the half, the Rams trailed the Panthers 10-9. Now on to Mad Mike and his decision at the end of regulation. Usually, Martz goes against the grain in an aggressive manor. So his not taking a shot at least twice into the end zone was a bit of a head scratcher. Again, when you let your opponent in the game, OUCH! P.S. I can watch Rickey Manning grabbing the ball out of Tory Holts hands for the key INT to set up the game winning TD over and over again. It was a thing of beauty. PATRIOTS -6 over Titans Patriots 17 Titans 14 I give those folks who sat in the sub-zero temps at this game a ton of credit. It was so cold here in the Northeast this past weekend; I gave my son $5 bucks just to go out an throw out the trash so I wouldn�t have set foot outside. Pats kicker Adam Vinatieri is becoming the Mariano Rivera of post season kicking. No matter wind, rain, snow or gloom of night, Vinatieri always seems to come through when the games on the line. These Patriots frustrated the hell out of you if you have to play them. The Titans are still shaking their head wondering, �How the F did they do it?� Colts +3 over CHIEFS Colts 38 Chiefs 31 When was the last time we have seen a QB on roll like Peyton Manning? Joe Montana during the great 49er run in the 80�s? John Elway during the era of THE DRIVE? Perhaps. But Manning has taken it to another level. He takes his offense into the huddle and says �check with me� runs up to the line of scrimmage with plenty of time on the play clock. He surveys the defense and then shouts out the play. There was time he ran right up to Edgerin James to scream the play in the ear hole of his helmet. Then the Chiefs defense tries to change its scheme but it�s to late. C Jeff Saturday hikes it to Manning and either Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne has caught a pinpoint pass for a huge gain. A thing of beauty. Next week�s Bill Belichick and Peyton Manning match up will be like watching a Boris Spasky-Bobby Fischer chess match. EAGLES -5 � over Packers Eagles 20 Packers 17 WOW where to begin with this one. First off, Mike Sherman what were you thinking about near the end of regulation? 4th and 1 a first down would seal it for the Pack. You have Ahman Green with his 156 yards of rushing in his pocket and you punt the ball back. The Eagles came down and kicked the game tying field goal and we go to overtime. But before that, who decided on the Packer staff to go with the Cover-2 D? 4th and 26 was more like 4th and see ya next August. But Donovan McNabb( more Oxy-Contin Mr. Limbaugh?) hits Freddie Mitchell right down the middle of the field for a FIRST DOWN!!!! Classic. Memo to Mitchell: Yes you made a great play but the clock was running so STOP POSSING!!!!!. Then Brett Farve said �Here you go Eagles, enjoy yourselves next week� with and dying quail the fell into Brian Dawkins hands. Record 2-2 < |