The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I AM PROUD TO INTRODUCE THE NEW OWNER OF THE NEW YORK METS........DONALD TRUMP............. Sounds crazy? Well it's not so far fetched. I heard The Donald on the Mike & Mike radio show this morning and from what he was saying it could happen. First, Freddy & Jeffy would have to put the team up for sale, which is something they have said won't happen. But if they did, The Donald might be the man to buy the team. Trump was on the radio plugging his new TV show The Apprentice, when he mention what a big sports fan he is. He talked about the USFL and how they won their case against the NFL but were awarded just $3.00 in damages and their legal fees were what put the league under. Then he hit the listeners with his congratulations to the Angels for wrapping up Vladimir Guerrero for what he termed a "bargain price". Trump then went on to say "he could not believe the Mets did not get him signed". Trump claimed ,when a talent like Guerrero comes along you have to go after him. Trump then went on to say that he could see himself getting back in the sports business. I guess we can dream Mets fans, pass the Kleenex. < |