The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

JUST ANOTHER �HO ON THE STROLL So we�re supposed to be surprised that Roger Clemens (The Skipper) did not stay retired? After his little buddy Andy (Gilligan) Pettite was told by Georgie Porgie �thanks for the memories� you had to figure it was just a matter of time before the Rajah got the itch. Check out the items in this contract: $3.5 mil in deferred payments $1.5 mil in salary for the 2004 season An additional $1.4 mil based on team attendance. $200K for each 100,000 fans over 2.8 million to 3.4 million The option to miss road trips if he is not scheduled to pitch A 10-year personal services contract with the Astros after his playing days are over. So as we see money really does not play a part in this signing. I always thought Clemens would pitch again but I thought it would be with the Yankees. He wanted to pitch in the summer Olympics and I felt he would pitch in the Olympics and then join the Yankees afterward to contribute down the stretch. But when �guy-pal� Andy Pettite signed with the hometown �Stros, well it just added up. And Roger please spared us the bullshit Ward Cleaver act, �My boys gave me an Astros hat so I knew they wanted me to play again� Please. You still wanted to pitch. You wanted to be an Olympian and that bubble had burst. Your best buddy joined the team that plays in the area you call home, after being dissed by your former team so you went into �we�ll show them mode� then you thought about sharing a hot shower with Andy Pettite again and you were sold. < |