The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Is it me or do you think that Freddy Skill Sets sits up at night trying to find ways to piss off the Mets fan base. There is a story in today's NY Post quoting The Duke, saying that Freddy Skill Sets will allow him to peruse high priced talent if the Mets are in contention at the trade deadline and that player would help the team get to the playoffs. Gee, Freddy do you mean a talent like....I don't know maybe like a VLADIMIR GUERRERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like we Mets fans walk around with "KICK ME" signed taped to our backs the way the ownership treats us. Check out this quote from The Duke: If there's a unique and special player that we know about, I can go to [the Wilpons] and say this is a guy we want to have," Duquette said yesterday. "They've given us that flexibility in the past and I would expect that they'll give us that flexibility now." You have to laugh to keep from crying. You would think just one week after the Guerrero fiasco that the Mets front office would keep a low profile. No, first it was Highlander reject Karim Garcia, then back by unpopular demand Todd Zeile. I can still see Zeile, watching his fly ball to LF in game 1 of the 2000 World Series, like he just hit off the 15th tee at Pebble Beach, with Timo having a brain fart and forgetting there were 2 outs and not tearing ass toward home plate. But I digress. The names mentioned in the story are White Sox RF Magglio Ordonez and RHP Estaban Loiza. So of course this raises the question, why not go after the impact player now? Does Freddy Skill Sets have some big CD due at the Astoria Savings Bank in July, so then he will have the scratch to bring in a big name? Mind boggling, F'in mind boggling. < |