The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, January 08, 2004

IF THIS IS TRUE, IT'S A F&*()IN DISCRACE! What I don't get is, if the Mets are not going to go balls to the wall to sign Vladimir Guerrero, why embarass yourself with a bullshit offer. The Mets offer is for 3yrs/$30 mil. Yeah that will lure Vlady. If Guererro signs with the O's for less that 6 years and $80 mil, then the Skill Sets can take their "Gold" ticket prices and stick up in their tight asses. STOP TAKING US FOR FOOLS. I'd rather the Mets say "We have a game plan, that includes getting younger and with a major concentration on developing pitching. We feel thats where we want to spend our money" That I have no problem with. If it's because you got burned by a 500 lb has been first baseman, and a head case 2nd baseman, that's unacceptable. < |