The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, January 19, 2004

I saw a couple of good articles yesterday, one from Bill Madden (an avowed Mets hater but always an interesting baseball writer none the less) and Bob Klapisch on the Mets and Gurerrero. Madden feels the Mets were right in their handling of Gurerreo, in that the inability to get insurance for the contract, with his disk problem in his back a pre existing condition, was key to the negotiations. He also points out how Arte Moreneo is trying to impress fans and fellow owners with his free spending. Again time will tell on this move. I agree with Klapisch on his take, that this whole grievance thing against the Mets is a giant smoke screen to take the heat off Fern Cuza and Arm Tellem. Vlady could have signed for $5 mil more with the team he never wanted to leave, the Expos, so now they are trying to make a case that the Mets cost Guererro money by stating they had seen his medical records. The only thing that cost Vlady money was poor representation. < |