The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Gordon Edes in today?s Boston Globe has a piece on Mo Vaughn stating that he will not return to the baseball diamond as a player, so he is retired. No surprise there. Now the Mets will have gained over $12mil from the insurance on Vaughn's contract and they are on the hook for a mere bag of shells, $3.5 mil. Also in Edes notes column is, The World Champion Florida Marlins have sold less than 5,000 season tickets so far this off season. I bet the Brooklyn Cyclones have more season ticket holders than the Fish. Speaking of the Cyclones, all the talk about how great it is that Nets are moving to Brooklyn and how they will replace the Dodgers in Brooklynites hearts is a bit much. I will say though as a born and raised Brooklynite, it is great to see the renaissance that the boro is experiencing. I can remember times when my wifes friends would come in from Long Island on the railroad and I would meet them at the Flatbush Ave station looking like Bufford Pusser from Walking Tall with a Louisville Slugger in my hand. But to say the Nets playing basketball on Flatbush and Atlantic is in any way similar to the Dodgers playing at Ebbets Field is nuts. The Dodgers were the heart and soul of Brooklyn. O'Malley was not totally wrong in his vision of folks leaving the boro to move to LI. After W.W.II when people were making a few more bucks and roads like the Belt Parkway and the Southern State were built it led to an exodus to suburbia. At the very site where the new arena will be built was the where O'Malley had wanted to build his new Ebbets Field. But Robert Moses wanted him to move to an old landfill in Flushing and O'Malley said NO! Today that site in Flushing is Shea Stadium. My hope now is that Freddy Skill Sets aborts the idea of building a domed multi-purpose stadium and goes with the idea of a nice 40-45,000 seat baseball only park. You do not need a retractable roof and playing fields that slide in and out. The Mets should find a partner in financing this project(Donald Trump)other than the tax payers of the City of New York. The land around Shea is nothing but junk yards and illegal auto body shops. The City would be doing the community a favorby coming in and condemning the properties in a Manhattan minute. You could build a nice little ?baseball village? with shops, restaurants and Mets museum. We as Mets fans deserve to have a new stadium. I?m tied of having to wade through sewage when I go to the rest room. I hate having to smell all the stale grease from the consession stands, and walking through puddles of god knows what in the parking lots and concourse around the Stadium. It?s time. Shea has lots of great memories for me an all Mets fans but it?s time has passed. How in the world can the Nets....THE NETS for god sake get a beautiful new arena while the Mets still reside in the projects? Something ain?t right here. < |