The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Blogger started it's New Years Eve off early yesterday as it was down in the afternoon. I wanted to wish one and all a very Happy Healthy and prosperous New Year. The Mets still have a few players they need to add (we know who we want!) and there is no news from Mets headquarters the last couple of weeks due to the holidays I guess. But sometimes it may mean there is something in the works. The Vlady situation seems unchanged. It seems from all I've read, that Vlady really wants to go to the Marlins. I guess the community and the climate are the biggest drawing points there. But he also wants about $18 mil for 7 years which he will never ever get from any team. The Orioles have come in with a 5 year/$65 mil proposal. There are no other offers out there or I should say none that have been made public. Again I know this is becoming redundant but if your the Mets why not make an offer a 5 yr/$75mil? Do you think the O's will top that one? And if he wanted to be an Oriole so badly he would have signed by now. With the Evil Empire losing Pettite and now Wells, this is also the best way to regain the back page of the tabloids as well. You think Georgie Porgie passing out at Otto Graham's memorial was big news, just think of his reaction if the Mets held a press conference to introduce Vlady to NYC. OH BABY! < |