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Monday, January 12, 2004

The aftermath of the Guerrero mess is still flowing. The talk radio callers and message board pundits and my fellow bloggers have reported and dissected this non-move. Fred Wilpon had better be right on this one or the uproar around 126th Street and Roosevelt Ave will be similar to the scene in the original Frankenstein movie complete with the mob holding torches. Through all my reading and listing to the radio yakers, I looked at the bracelet on my wrist the reads W.W.D.D. (What Would Doubleday Do) What would have happened if Nelly D was still lurking around with his 50 % of the team during the Gurerrero crises? Remember, Freddy Skill Sets was not in favor of the Piazza acquisition and it was Nelly who sent Swarmy Steve Phillips to Left Coast with a blank contract for Piazza, with instructions of �Don�t come back, till Mike signs this� So W.W.D.D. ? My guess? He would have signed Vlady to a long-term deal. Ruptured disk be damned. Now, would that have been the right move? That can�t be answered today. The Mets doctors looked at Vlady�s medical records and told Sr. Skill Sets there was a big risk here. Remember, we all wanted Fonzie to be re-signed and he has a bad back as well and is a shell of his former self. The sainted Donnie Baseball over at the Evil Empire had to retire due to back trouble. Out of the baseball realm, Larry Bird the Celtic great was crippled by back trouble. Add in the fact that the insurance carrier said �sorry pre existing condition. No coverage! Again, you can�t get in the game if your not going to fight till the end. I would have felt better if we stayed out the Guerrero sweepstakes all together, but I guess it was just to tempting. I wanted Vlady here BADLY! But I could see how it was a tough call. For Freddy Skill Sets sake I hope he was right. Now today we hear from ex-Mets pitcher and ex- Brooklyn Cyclones pitching coach Bobby Ojeda in today�s NY Daily News. From reading the story, Ojeda left the Mets because he could not get with Rick Peterson�s program. I guess Ojeda had a problem with Professor Rick taking over the organization pitching system and overhauling it into the 21st century. Ojeda is not a believer in the Peterson doctrine of mechanics and biomechanics. Ojeda says he looked at Aaron Heilman and said �Kid, don�t change a thing. I�ve seen major league hitters and they�re not going to like your stuff. But then when I saw him last year, I wanted to hit against him. Mentally, he looks like he�s overwhelmed� DUH? Bobby, that�s why Rick Peterson was brought in to overhaul the pitching philosophy of this organization. As far as saying the Mets have forgotten the �86 team, you mention yourself, Tim Tuefuel and Howard Johnson when Johnson was managing the Cyclones he failed a major test. The Mets have an outfielder named Alhaji Turay. Turay is a fabulous hitter and a pretty good outfield, but Turay had a bad attitude with his teammates and the fans. HoJo could not handle him and get him in line. It took Jeff Wilpon to go to Turay and set his low A ball ass straight by sending him home. Turay came back to play at Cap City last year with his hat in his hand with an apology to the organization. So Bobby-O, it sounds like sour grapes to me. < |