The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

A TIP FOR ARTIE FROM FLUSHING: RENT DON'T BUY! Sr. Skill Sets had lunch with former Mets mgr Bobby Valentine last week to discuss establishing a working agreement with Valentine's club Chiba Lotte. Freddy also pitched the idea that Valentine be brought back into the Mets flock as an "Advisor of Japanese baseball". OK, here's the part where I go Oliver Stone on y'all. Artie has 3 years left on his deal with the Amazins. How many out there think good ol' Artie is going to complete that contract? Not many. I believe that Valentine signed a 2 yr deal with Lotte but there is an "out clause" if a MLB team comes a calling. Let's face whether you love him or hate him, be honest, the way The Duke is building the team with youth and second tier vets, it's right up Valentine's alley. He thrives in that environment. The fly in the ointment, so to speak is Jr. Skill Sets, who against the working agreement. He feels it locks the Mets in with one club in Japan and narrows their options with other players. Little Jeff is becoming a pain in the ass. I have a great conspiracy theory going here and he comes in a throws the cold water on it. So Artie remember what Satchel Page always said "Don't look back, something(one) could be gaining on you" < |