The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, December 28, 2003

There is a Q & A article in the Newark Star Ledger with the "new" radio voice of the Mets, Howie Rose. As I've mentioned before Rose and Gary Cohen should make for one of the best radio combos doing baseball in NYC in a long long time. Rose and Cohen are born and raised Mets fans and their New York Guys so it should be fun listing to them. I like this Q & A about the Mets signing Guerreo. Rose is trying be both a fan and a diplomat in his answer. Should the Mets make an honest effort to sign Vladimir Guerrerro? As a fan, I'd love to make a pitch for him. But the Mets don't want to blow their budget to bits. Fred Wilpon tried to widen the budget before, and they've been burned with some bad decisions. If Vladimir Guerrero checks out physically, there are going to be a lot of teams kicking themselves for not making a play for this guy. This guy is an impact player to the level of few players in the game today. But I can understand that the Mets feel squeamish with some of their recent failures like Mo Vaughn. I think (management) is in a lot less of a gambling mood from a budgetary standpoint. But there are few guys in baseball you adjust the budget for. He's the whole package. < |