The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, December 21, 2003

So the long awaited "Non-Tenders" are here. In the immortal words of Derek Coleman, "WHOOP-DEE-DAMN-DO". Who is on that list that would even make a difference to the Mets? Jay Payton? Even the Rocks know his numbers were Coors enhanced. Ruben Mateo and Reggie Taylor? We all ready have them in Timo Perez and Joe McEwing. Here's how bad this RF situation is, They should have signed Jeromy Burnitz. Burnitz went to the Rocks for $1.5 mil with a $3mil mutual option for '05. Burnie is good for 40 jacks this coming season playing a mile above sea level. The are no prize packages in the pitching department either. RHP Jason Johnson and LHP Mark Redman are possibilities. Braden Looper is out there for a closer, but he's not a strikeout guy and he has a high walk average. So when you look at it there is no one out there that improves the Mets. Except for a certain RF who use to play North of the Border. < |