The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, December 29, 2003

RECAP OF WEEK 17 NFL PICKS PATRIOTS -8 over Bills Patriots 31 Bills 0 The Pats with the win get home field throughout the playoffs. According to Tom Brady "it will be hard for any team to gome here and play on this shitty field". It seems Gilliette Stadium has more pot holes than the Bklyn-Queens Expway. Just one more weapon for NE HC BB. Rams -10 over LIONS LIONS 30 Rams 20 All the Lambs had to do was beat the dregs of NFC North Lions to clinch home field in the playoffs and easy road to Houston for "the Big Game". So what do the Midwest Martz's do? They play their worst game of the season. Then after the game Mad Man Martz says the team was not prepared for the game and it's his fault. If that's all true Mike and you could not get your team ready to play a team that has been out of contention since October and you need the game for home field where your team is just about unbeatable, well YOU SHOULD BE FIRED! RAVENS -7 1/2 over Steelers Ravens 13 Steelers 10 (OT) Ravens get a win. They get a playoff game at home. Jamal Lewis gets 2000 rushing yards. Me, I get "stu gotz" Week 17 1-2-0 Ytd 27-21-3 < |