The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Now it seems the Mets are talking about re-obtaining Matt Lawton from the Indians for Roger Cedeno. First, it seems sooner or later Cedeno will be an ex-Mets for the second time in his career. Second, The Duke could care less what he gets back for him as long as he's breathing and doesn't cost him a dime more than what Cedeno makes. What doesn't makes sense here is, Lawton hated playing for the Mets and hated living in NYC. So I don't think this will happen. At least the Cedeno for Cirillo deal looks like it won't happen. Thank god for small favors. There is also talk of siginning David Dellucci. Dellucci would not be a bad 4th OF'er but why oh why can't we talk to Vlady. < |