The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, December 19, 2003

NFL PICKS WEEK 16 Home Team in CAPS Patriots -3 over JETS The Jets are having another of their classic "the heat's off so we're playing good" runs as they have won 3 of their last 4 games. That means we will be subject to more looking at next season through green and white glasses, as Jet fans will be talking about their Super Bowl chances. YAWN! The Boston Belichicks will be armed and ready for this one as they want the road to the Super Bowl to go thru cold and snowy Foxboro. COWBOYS -10 1/2 over Giants Giants Head Coach Jim Fassel did the noble thing this week when he fell on his sword and made the Big Blue Brass tell him he was kaput. This was a class move for the simple fact it allows his assistant coaches to get their resumes together to find new employment. The Giants have ben doomed since last years Wild Card playoff game against the Niners. The run with this heartless bunch is over, time to cut ties with some of them. Like the overexposed Tiki Barber. Too bad the eye doctor who did the Lasik surgurey that your mug apppears in every newspaper add can't find a cure for bad hands. Team Tuna will be primed and ready. Tuna's the man because he'd rather be feared than loved. EAGLES -7 1/2 over 49ers I bet Andy Reid plays a mean game of poker. He never get flustered or rattled. Donovan McNabb is the same way and that's why the Iggles are rolling along. With the Birds looking for home field throuhout the playoffs, I can't see them taking thier foot of the gas peddell in this one. < |