The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The MLBPA has thrown a monkey wrench into the A-Rod Manny deal by rejecting the changes that Rodriquez and the red Sox wanted to make to his contract in order to seal this deal. Now I'm a union man-proud member of CWA local 1180-but who the F ais Gene Orza that he has this much control over a player. What about A-Rod? Show some onions wiil ya! You hate Texas. You hate Buck. You want to play in Boston. Tell Orza and Fehr to butt out. It's your money Alex. what happens if the John Henry and his Boys say "you know F it, let me make nice with "Nahmar" and sign him long term and tell Manny "my bad" and get ready for the season. If that happens, then A-Rod's up shits creek with out a paddle. Stay tuned! < |