The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Mets still have this hole in RF to fill and since there is no sign of the "People's Cherce" Vlady Guerrero sigining here any time soon, two more names can be scratched off the OF list, Brian Jordan & David Dellucci. Both players will sign with the Texas Rangers. I wish I knew what was going through the minds of GM John Hart and mgr. Buck Showalter. What the hell do they need OF'ers when it's some decent pitching they need, but hey I can only worry about the Mets. I bring this up because it seems the odd man out in the OF picture is Kevin Mench. It seems that Mench has gotten into Buck's dog house because of a broken wrist that has kept him from playing winter ball. I like Buck and he's a terrific baseball man, but some times he can be a bit pyscotic. If the guy is mending form a broken wrist and he is getting it checked in January to be sure he's ready for spring, what's the problem. I bring up Mench because he might be the guy for RF for the Mets. He just 26 years old and in 491 ML AB's he has 51 xbh 17 HR's 71 RBI .275/.341/.452. Not only that he's a hustler in the Ty Wigginton mode and won't embarass the Mets in the OF. If the Mets are not going to use Jeremy Griffiths and Pat Strange, it would behoove The Duke to call John Hart and make the deal. < |