The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, December 27, 2003

All is quiet on the Eastern Front, as there is no Mets news to talk about. So how about a comment or two on the following subjects: Time Warner and Cablevision call a truce on the Fox Sports-MSG Network-Metro Channel battle. It seems someone smacked some sense into little Jimmy Dolan's head, and made him realize that most of Manhattan and Brooklyn and all of Staten Island are serviced by Time Warner. I don't care about missing the Knicks and Rangers but please don't take away my Full Frontal Fashion on the riveting Metro channel. And speaking of Little Jimmy, Spree goes postal on Dolan. Now I don't like that Latrell Spreewell cursed and carried on in front of Little Jimmy's wife and kid, but I think Spree spoke for all of us who either roots for the NY Knicks or The NY Rangers when he went on his profanity laced tirade at MSG. Little Jimmy has brought "The Worlds Most Famous Arena" to Teaneck Arena status. There is a slight buzz now that Isaiah Thomas has taken over the Knicks, but the Rangers are off the sports fans radar in this town. Plus what other venue charges a "facility fee" when you buy tickets like MSG does? Little Jimmy having accomplished nothing positive in his life has single handedly brought down a NYC landmark (MSG) and two of our most beloved franchise's (Knicks and Rangers). I know Sonny ( As in Money) Werblin is doing 360's in his grave. Georgie Porgie and the Evil Empire have a bill to pay. The invoice has come to E 161 St and River Ave in the Bronx for $11.8 mil in "Luxury Tax" due. So by being the only team in baseball to go over the MLB Salary Cap The Evil Empire will help out teams like the World Champion Florida Marlins with a little Christmas cheer. When you add in revenue sharing as well the Evil One's have made a nice contribution to the Alan H. Selig slush fund of close to $60 mil dollars. < |