The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Well so far this spring we have seen some good and some not so good. Some of the usual suspects have not turned the calendar from 2002 to'03. Robbie (The Diva) Alomar and Jeromy(Slo-Pitch) Burnitz are the first to come to mind. The Diva has been yapping about a contract extention since spring trainning began YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! and Burnitz still has not shown ay possibility that he will rebound from last years disastrous season. So my question today is, what is the goal of Mets mangement this season? Well, from listing to Fred Wilpon this winter, the emphisis is on winning. So, if Alomar, Burnitz, and Cedeneo start the season as bad as lat year, will salary be the deteriming factor in playing time or performance lead to putting out the best nine men you have, to triumph. The outfield was and has been a problem for a few years. Now which combo is considered the most productive? Floyd LF Cedeneo CF Burnitz RF. or Floyd LF Perez/Shinjo CF Cedeneo RF or Clark LF Cedeneo CF Floyd RF. Here is my take ,Tony Clark has opened up alot of eyes this spring.He was once a solid power hitter with the Tigers but due to injuries the lat three years his star has nosedived. He was also primarily a first baseman with a little OF thrown in. Could he possibly be the starting LF off a strong spring? (as you can see I'm full of questions today) I don't think so. The men of Howe might be best off with Floyd LF Cedeneo CF Perez/Shinjo RF. I know alot of you are saying Perez/Shinjo should be the CF and I agree. However, all the work that Gary Petitis had put in with Cedeneo and the hard work the Cedeneo himself has done this spring should be rewarded. If the CF spot does not work with Roger then flip flop him with Perez/Shinjo. As you can see I do not have Burnitz in the picture. He has become a huge albratross around the necks of the Mets. He makes a ton of money I believe $13 mil this year that is a tough nut. If it comes to where he is of no use to the team they will have to explore releasing him and get him to agree to a buy out similar to what they did with Bobby Bonillia. What happens with Burnitz, Alomar and Cedeneo will detrmine if the organization is commited to winning or just blowing hot air < |