The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, March 14, 2003

South of The Border Down Mexico Way It should be a hot time in Mexico City as Wrestlmania��er I mean MLB showcases the Mets and Dodgers this week end. The rhetoric from Wednesday night is still going strong today as fans and radio talk show host here in NYC try to determine the punishment that Mike Piazza and Guillermo Mota will receive from baseballs Dominatrix Bob Watson. My guess Mota being the instigator, gets 7 days and Piazza gets 3 games due to the fact that he went to the Dodger clubhouse to give Mota an old fashioned ass whuppin.� I am sure that the Used Car Salesman has told both teams he does not want any B.S. this weekend to take away from the objective, which is to sell MLB to our neighbors south of the border. I bet some fans will be hoping to see some �lucha libre�. If there is anything positive to be taken from this incident is that the Mets have shown more life this spring than any time last year. This is still a hard team to figure out. They are getting some good pitching this spring especially in the bullpen. The execution on offense as well as in the field has been very good. Last spring the play was sloppy and flat. So far Art Howe and his staff has done a nice job. Players like Tony Clark, Jay Bell, Ty Wigginton, David Cone and Graham Lloyd have been pleasant surprises. But the usual suspects The Diva and Burnie have not shown anything that would make you feel that a comeback from them is coming. < |