The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Some non Mets baseball issues: 1. What the hell did David Wells say that was so shocking? He claimed he was half drunk or hungover when he piched his perfeto against the Twins. So this is news? Jose Canseco and Ken Caminiiti have told the steriod story before so what. Wells is has become a ledgend on the NYC club scene so I 'm not shocked. Also baseball has a long tradtion of drunks. The Yankees are so worried about their "image" PLEASE! The Yankees employed some of the most ledgenary drunks in baseball history. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, Don Larsen, Whitey Ford are just some of the great boozers in Yankee history. When Joltin' Joe was holding court at Toots Shors do you think he was drinking Ovaltine. Thats way the Yankees are the biggest and most pompous asses in sports. There is no way the Wells will be trade even though before this all happened he was the most despised man in the Yankee clubhouse. He is George's boy. George brought him here and as we all know the Boss nver makes a mistake. 2. Enough about Pete Rose! How alot of you folks support this guy is mystery. Here is the bottom line, Rose commited a capital crime against baseball ,he bet on baseball games, he bet on Cinncinatti Reds games as manager of the team and he did so illegally. He was caught and shown evidence to this effect and signed an agreement that said he was permanently banned from baseball. Now since we have a commisioner with no spine to tell this guy to GET LOST we have the controversy back. So now Rose will come clean and say that the Dowd Report is all true after 16 years of calling John Dowd a liar and admitt he bet on baseball. NO WAY! How can anyone with a concious accept this guys appology. So all the yahoos in the stands cheer for Rose big deal. The commisioner should show some onions and tell Rose to GO AWAY!. On my trip to Cooperstown last year, a memrobilia store had a copy of the Dowd Report that was autographed by Rose. It was on sale for $125.00 My last piece of advice to the commisoner is a quote from Bobby Knight "When you start to listen to the guy in the stands, you end up joinning him there" < |