The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 13, 2003

ONIONS! Not just any put big Vidalia onions. Thats what the Mets and in particular Mike Piazza showed last night. Guillermo Mota showed he has raisins. I have never seen Piazza as angry, or crazed as he was last night when he was hit in the shoulder by Mota. Mota who turned and ran like a bill collecttor was after him. As a long time Mets fan, my first reaction was "What took so F$&#*N' long?" The way the team reacted last night was the way they should have reacted the first time Roger Clemmens hit Piazza at Yankee Stadium. Just the sight of Burnitz, Wiggy, and Joe Mac chasing after Mota made me think that maybe this is a one for all and all for one team. That has not been the case for a good long time. The shots of Mota leaving the stadium in his SUV and Piazza in his Benz were shots that would make Vince McManhon proud. All that was missing was the sound effect of broken glass and Stone Cold Steve Austin running out. As it was, just seeing Piazza opening up a big can of Whup Ass on Mota was exciting enough. Hopefully the word will spread the Mets will no longer take any crap from anyone. And thats the bottom line. < |