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Monday, March 24, 2003

"MR KRAMDEN FOR $10,000.....WHO WROTE SWANEE RIVER"?.......... Here is your $10,000 question Who are the folowing: Chris George, Darell May, Runelvys Hernandez, Jeremy Affeldt and Miguel Asencio? Take your time....answer will be post at the end.... Terrific story by Mark Herman in today�sTerrific story by Mark Herman in today�s NEWSDAY on Ty Wigginton winning the 3rd base job this spring. You have to root hard for Wiggy. Not only for his pure hustle but also for the fact he had no backing from the Mets front office-Steve Phillips- (are you folks catching on that I am not fond of Phillips the GM). With all the talk about what Wiggy could not do and with all the options the Mets were perusing It is so good to see hard work pay off and for a much needed injection of youth into the club. One sentence though in this story knocked me off my chair: �Wiggington said he relies also on Jay Bell and Joe McEwing for advice on hitting and positioning at third base � !AYE CARUMBA! Hitting tips from Joe McEwing��. THE PASSWORD IS������ Back in the �70�s there was a game show called PASSWORD.(This is for all you youngsters out there) On the show celebrities would give clues and contestants would have to guess what the password is. Here is how the game would be played if Steve Philips were a contestant on this show: Orson Bean (always the game show celebrity, Nippsy Russell was another) gives the clue, SHAMBLES? SP: hummmmmmmmm OB: CLUELESS? SP: WOW I dunn no OB: Fiasco? SP: (Jumping out of his seat!) MY STARING PITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bells go off the audience applauds enthusiastically) Yes, Steve Philips and Bobby (Don�t Worry�Be Happy)Mc Pherinn�.errr.. I mean Art Howe sorry, have no clue who will be the 4th or 5th starters in the rotation with six days left till opening day. The top three have not exactly set the spring on fire, but Glavine, Leiter, and Trachsel are vets so I am not that concerned. By Aaron Heilman pitching 4 innings over the weekend it looks like he may be the man in the 4 spot. David Cone still needs to build endurance so he may stay in St. Luice for extended spring training. Due to the fact that Jason Middlebrook and Mike Bacsik have looked lackluster this spring, Heilman may be the man. This will put a strain on the bullpen early, although the pen should be strong enough to stand the workload. The team looks as thou it will produce more offense than last year (could it do less?) and the defense if just average will be an improvement, the fate of this team will lie on some pretty old shoulders. Answer to the $10,000 question "The starting rotaion of the Kansas City Wal-Marter's < |