The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 13, 2003

It's good to see that Cablevision and the YES network have finally reached an agreement to show the channel on Cablevison sytems throughout the Tri State area. After all is said and done, what did Cablevision gain in waiting so long to reach an accord with YES? The only thing I can think is that Cablevison thought that YES would go belly up, and then have FOX Sports and MSG network absorb the Yankees and Nets games. By the way, that is one of the reasons the Nets draw so poorly, the only place to see them is on YES and they have always been second class citizens. On my cable system YES is channel 143 so you really have to know the Nets are playing to go to that channel due to the fact its tuff to channel surf that far up the dial. If you have never seen the YES network well your not misisng much. They show Yankee Classics like Cones perfecto and Otis the Town Trunk's alcohol induced perfect game and Giambi's game wining homer against the Twins ad nauseam. And that Center Stage show yikes! But the really big problem on YES is they have no advertiseors. They show gobs of PSA's. Now with Cablevision in the fold maybe they will use the new gotten gains for some better programming. < |