The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 20, 2003

It is not easy to concentrated on spring training baseball and the shambles the Mets pitching staff has become, as the brave men and women of our armed forces carry out their orders for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The time for debate of whether or not we should invade Iraq is over. Whether your for the president or not, if you are an American, the time has come to put your full support behind President Bush and our troops. A few baseball items have caught my eyes today in the papers. Jason Middlebrook got pounded yesterday in the game against the Cards. Middlebrook, lasted 4 1/3 innings and was touched for 10 hits and 6 runs all earned. Middlebrook and Mike Bascik, have not stepped up and taken the bull by the horns and grabbed a spot in the rotation. David Cone goes tonight against the D Rays so we will get a better handle on Cone and where he fits in with this team. Jae Seo also got touched up in his last start, so with no one stepping up it looks like the Mets will be looking outside the organization fro pitching help. The problem with that is (a) The pickin�s are slim in available pitching and (b) what is the price that has to be given up to obtain it. The names we are hearing RHP Jamey Wright LHP Chuck Finley, RHP Livan Hernandez as you can see this list goes way beyond sloppy seconds. John Harper has a column on Rey Ordonez in today�s NY Daily News. Now Rey-Rey says he sorry about calling Mets fans idiots. The real idiots are the D Rays front office specifically Chuck La Mar for trading for this stiff. Ordonez may be the worst hitter to ever play in the big leagues. John Heyman in today�s Newsday went to a book signing that David Wells (Otis the Town Drunk) was doing at a Waldenbooks in Tampa. Of course he acted like a total ass with the fans. The amazing part is he treated the people who bought his rag of a book and waited on line to have him sign it and all he does is insult them. It�s amazing the appeal this piece of trail trash has. < |