The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I have found a new favorite Mets palyer. Jason Middlebrook. MIddlebrook came to the Mets via San Diego. He said in last Sunday's NY Daily News that the word throughout the Mets minor league system is that the Mets do not like to promote their young talent up to the big club. He said this as he found himself along with Mike Bacsik and Arron Heilman fight this years geezer combacker David Cone for the fifth spot in the Mets rotation. I applaude the honesty and frankness that Middlebrook has shown. The Mets under their current regime have not yet figured out how to build a team. Free agencey is for plugging holes not for rebuilding unless it's a player in the patheon of stars-A-Rod, Bonds, Guerrero or Pedro Martinez. Cone, who buy the way will pitch today against the Marlins was brought into camp by Sinatra and Martin..... err I mean Franco and Leiter. The Mets are doing the same disservice to Ty Wiggington. Wiggy has gone above and beyond the call this spring. He has been the first guy on the field and last one off. He is taking 300 grounders a day to make hmself into a better 3rd baseman. So whats his reward? More talk about aquiring Mike Lowell, or Shea Hillenbrand, or Joe Randa. C'mon stop allready Steve Phillips. If Lowell is available and the price is not steep ok I would consider, but I feel Wiggy will give the Mets 20 HR 70 Rbi and average D at third. Plus he has an attitude like Vance Wilsons that is hard nosed which is something that is missing with the country club Mets. I saw Art Howe on with Mike and the Mad Dog yesterday man this guy is beyond laid back. This will take some getting used to. There is such a love fest going on at Port St Lonesome that I am waiting for a shot of the team around the campfire singing" Kumbya". Everyone is such a great teammante and we are going to be soooo much beter this year .....yada yada yada. So much sweeteness I feel like I am goin into a diabetic coma! The bottom line is this team has to come out of the gate like a rabbit in a horse race, A slow start will not be tolorated this year. < |