The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Good stuff today in Bill Maddens baseball columnin the NY Daily News especially the section on Theo Epsten GM of the Red Sox. It seems lots of folks have their undies in bunch, over Bill James being a member of the inner circle of the Sox. As Epstein points out, he not Bill James is the man in charge and that James is part of a committe that includes former GM's Lee Thomas, Bill Lajoie, and Mike Port. Between the input of these gentlemen and the Red Sox scouts, they will make all personnel desisicons from all the data that each group will contribute. Also the Sox going to the no real closer has come under much scruitiny. But after reading Epsteins rational it makes perfect sense. And can the critics stop about Epstein being "only" 29 yrs old check his bio he has been in the game a while and has earned this job. < |