The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 17, 2003

�..And there goes another one���. The less said about the trip the Mets made to Mexico City the better. Mexico City is Denver on steroids. The Estadio Foro Sol makes Coors Field look like the Grand Canyon. Even the great Bambino, Jeromy Burnitz hit 3 homers in yesterday�s game. After the game, the Mexico City Reds were so impressed by Burnitz; they offered two fighting cocks in a trade for Burnie. Little Jerry Seinfeld sired one of the champion roosters. It is rumored that Steve Philips is mulling over this deal. If seeing the debacle in Mexico City was not enough for the Used Car Salesman to stop embarrassing the game, a story today claims he is now looking to take MLB to Europe. Oh, they are really clamoring for baseball in London, Berlin, and Paris. Let me digress for a moment, can you imagine the Used Car salesman sitting in his car at the Giles�s Custard stand in Milwaukee having his hot dog and diet Coke overseeing the fortunes of MLB? It boggles my mind that all the shots for the National Pastime are made out of car in Milwaukee and not from the MLB office on Park Ave. OK back to the column. Has the Used Car Salesman ever looked at the front of the newspaper? We are not the most liked folks in the world right now. Players on the Mets and Dodgers were skittish about leaving the country for this series in Mexico. Do you think they will be happy to leave the country in the next year or so with the volatile atmosphere around the world? Also, where is the Players Association in all this? They stick their nose in every other piece of business baseball does why not now? If I were a member of the Mariners or A�s I would have to think long and hard about going to Japan to start the MLB season. The old saying is �be it ever so humble, there is no place like home� that saying is more profound when your country is at war. < |